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Clean pets are happy pets! The grooming experience at Petropolis is customized and exclusive. Our one-on-one handling means that your pet receives the full attention of our qualified professional groomer focused on grooming your pet in a stress-free way. Each pet is gently introduced to the grooming process with patience and respect. Full grooming services include high quality premium shampoos and conditioners that make your pet feel good and smell great too. In addition to a warm sudsy bath, our comprehensive approach to grooming focuses on cleaning your pet’s ears, nails and anal glands including sanitary trims as needed. After a grooming experience at Petropolis, your pet will shed less once they get home thanks to our particular attention to your pet’s undercoat and loose fur removal. Call and make an appointment today with our experienced groomer, you’ll be glad you did. 805-320-7195.


Our Expert Groomers

Proud Pet Parent

Proud Pet Parent

Carmelita ( CC )

Prior to coming to Petropolis Carmelita has enjoyed a 20+ year grooming career.  In addition to being the proud pet parent to 2 Rescue dogs Mr. Big, a Mastiff mix, Tink a Chihuahua mix,  her prized black Cocker Spaniel JuJu and 2 rescue cats named Freddy & Flash, she was the original owner of CC & Ida’s Classic Clips.  Carmelita has a true passion for animals and has devoted her professional life to pet care, pet parent education and pet rescue.