The Nichols Family

When it comes to animal care and running a pet supply business, Shawna’s extensive knowledge and experience are a powerful combination. Her 20-plus years of experience in pet retail combined with a lifelong love of animals gives her a solid foundation that customers can trust. If you have pet nutrition questions, or just want to know what’s “new and cool” Shawna is the one to ask. Her expertise comes from 20 years of education and research. She passionately educates people about pet nutrition, natural diets and the many common disorders that can be vastly improved with proper nutrition. Shawna’s devotion to pet well-being and the pet industry itself is surpassed only by her love of family. Shawna and her husband Jeff have two amazing sons ages 16 and 2 who keep them busy around the clock. Jeff Nichols spent most of his career in the sports world and was thrilled to partner with Shawna on their joint venture with Petropolis ten years ago. This dynamic family of four is really a family of six when you count their two fun-loving English bulldogs, Porter and Guinness!