“Big thanks to Shawna for her invaluable help with my new dog and his frustrating itchy skin condition. Right after we adopted our dog Manx from a rescue group, we noticed he was scratching and biting himself a lot and seemed just miserable. I was really concerned about him. In the past, when my other dogs had this problem, I took hem to the vet and he gave them a cortisone shot. I didn’t want to start my new dog out on steroids so I went to talk to Shawna about the issue. She asked me several questions, and after careful analysis thought it might be a food allergy. Based on Shawna’s recommendation, we switched Manx to a new dog food with a novel protein source and only one carbohydrate (Natural Balance Potato and Duck). After a little adjustment period Manx stopped biting and scratching all together. My wife and I were thrilled! Thank you so much Shawna, for sparing Manx a lifetime on steroids and for being there for us when we needed you.”

Mark T., Camarillo

"This is a true local gem. Shawna is an expert when it comes to nutrition and I'm not sure I've ever been in there without asking her or one of her employees a question that leads to many more. I have a 'high maintenance' Yorkie with a grain allergy and epilepsy, and now pancreatitis. She requires a special diet and I cannot imagine getting expert help on what she needs from a trip to Petsmart or Petco. We also go to Jersey Mike's and Dr. Miller's vet office in the same shopping center, so when we go to those places we also have to go by Petropolis to pick up special treats for the pups.. they have an amazing selection! I'm not a 'buy local' person if my local places don't offer what I need, but this is a great store and I'm so happy to support local business in the case of Petropolis!"

Paul M., Camarillo

"Really great pet supply store.  The owner is really sweet as are the young college aged kids that work there.  Great selection for how small it is.  We get all our pet food and goodies here. The other sister store across town has a self serve dog wash
station.  Has everything you need to bathe and groom your own dog without having the mess at home."

Meesh S., Camarillo

"We love Petropolis. I buy all my food from shawna for my Pet Resort dogs at Flying High Pet Resort and my 2 Boston Terriers at home. All the dogs eat well cause we buy them the best food from Petropolis. Shawna is a down to earth gal with lots of knowledge  about what goes into your dog. Our Rescues / Foster dogs have also benefited from the awesome products she sales. We will continue to shop at Petropolis. Thanks for having such a great place."

Dawn L., Camarillo

"I have been going to both Petropolis stores in Camarillo now for quite some time for our little Boston Terrier/Chihuahua mix and we love the store.  Every staff member there is very knowledgeable and very helpful.  I love just going in and speaking with the staff about pets, pet food and dog care.

I highly recommend going to this store to purchase all your pet supplies.  They have a great selection of all natural pet products and even if their prices can be beat by purchasing online I would still go here to support them as again they are so helpful and it is great to support local businesses.

Thank you Petropolis for carrying such great products and being so helpful and caring about pets!  You rock."

Eddie B., Camarillo

"I love Petropolis. They have a great selection of dog food and pet toys. My dogs go crazy for the Deer Antlers. Don't worry they are "naturally shed", as that was my first question. The antlers are pricey but my two dogs get hours and hours of enjoyment from just one of them. If they don't have the antlers then get the Himalayan Goat chews!

The owner could not be more helpful and the rest of the staff is extraordinarily friendly. Much better than the other slim choices for pet stores in and around Camarillo."

Katie K., Ventura